Afinat Store Retail Sales Policies

Our store at "" is owned and operated by:

Afinat LLC
921 NE 16th Street, Unit 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(574) 440-2779

The music on this website is made available and sold with permission by the artists, composers, and for purposes of obtaining rights to the music, as applicable,  licensing is obtained through the composer personally under written agreement, or The Harry Fox Agency in cooperation with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and other music rights organizations worldwide according to reciprocal international agreements.  The Afinat Store is an online music store where you can purchase and legally download music files and as well as purchase CDs. The music files are DRM-free and available in stereo 24bit Studio Master Quality up to 192kHz. The music files offered, unless noted otherwise, are identical to files sold via iTunes as “Mastered for iTunes” due to meeting required criteria by the mastering studio and engineer, as applicable. Digital download album sales also include a complete PDF of the CD booklet and back cover of the CD edition.

Methods of payment
Customers have the option of paying for orders online direct from Afinat LLC using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We do not accept virtual currencies at this time.  Afinat LLC uses a third party financial platform, or for processing of all online transactions, including EFT, credit cards or debit cards. Afinat does not have access to customers’ full credit card numbers, nor does it store this sensitive financial information used for our transactions on any server controlled by Afinat LLC. All sensitive financial data is stored and processed by or PayPal. On occasion, Afinat Records will sell CDs at special events, record fairs, concerts by our artists, accepting cash as well as using the Apple Square. All financial information is processed and retained by, not by Afinat LLC.

Return Policy
We offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days on all purchases of CDs insofar as the product is unused and in the original packaging with seal intact. Returns are not available for purchases of digital download sound files from the Afinat Store.  

Defective Products
Any defects or flaws in ordered goods must be reported to Afinat Records as soon as possible. We will replace defective or damaged products immediately upon receipt. 

Customer Service
Questions regarding sales or returns of products on The Afinat Store via should be directed to  If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours at the latest, please call us at (574) 440-2779 and if no answer, please leave a message.  We will promptly return your call as soon as possible.  

Additional Conditions for Digital Downloads from The Afinat Store

The Afinat Store is a direct-from-label online store that offers access to a complete selection of released musical products. Music files can be purchased and legally downloaded from the Afinat Store. Music files are only sold as full albums at this time. For individual track sales, please visit one of our retail download outlets at iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and others.

Price information is provided with the information for each digital album.  Internet access is necessary to access and purchase at the music store on the Afinat Store. Downloading of music files is best performed through broadband connection.

Music files can be downloaded to a computer (PC or Mac), after which they can be played on the computer itself, burned on a CD-ROM, transferred to a portable music player or to another computer in accordance with section 2 listed below, "Rights". Please note that there is a limit to the number of times a music file can be copied onto a CD-ROM or to other music players. These limits are described under "Rights".

Territory for Sales
The Afinat Store currently does business with customers in the United States directly through The Afinat Store ONLY.
 As such policy applies exclusively, applicable sales tax will be added to any order where sales tax must be collected, and such taxes remitted to state revenue authorities as required by law.  For purchase of our music by customers in other countries, please visit the CD Baby Store (for certain) or (possibly but not guaranteed, as Amazon's offerings depend on a distribution partner of CD Baby and company policy on stocking CD products) .  You may place your order for nations other than the USA on these or any other retailer sites that may have purchased CDs wholesale from Alliance Entertainment Distributors Worldwide and may stock Afinat Records CDs and/or download albums for sale. Such sales are outside our control and will utilize their own established policies for domestic or international sales. 

Sales Taxes
All prices do not include applicable [US] state and/or local sales taxes in the displayed store price. Sales tax is not added until the customer proceeds to the shopping cart to finalize their order. At that time, sales taxes, as required by state laws, will be collected.

Downloading a digital album containing several track files gives you the right to:

  1. Play the music file on a PC and/or an originating mobile computing device

  2. Burn up to but no more than 5 CD copies

  3. Store 5 copies of the music file on additional connected portable music players

The music file is not permitted to be sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred to a third party.

All rights to the Afinat Store and the music files sold therein belong exclusively to Afinat Records under licensing by the artist(s) involved.  No rights are obtained to the shop or website material, including the music files, apart from the right to use described in these conditions.

The music purchased from the Afinat Store on is copyright protected and use is limited to the conditions described here or copyright law, which are not subject to restriction by Afinat LLC. Music purchased from our store is for personal use only, and music files cannot be traded, lent, borrowed, sold, copied, duplicated, distributed or otherwise transferred to people outside your household. Commercial usage, rental, sale or public performance of the music file is not permitted without the prior agreement of the appropriate composer’s rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or other national rights organizations by international agreement with ASCAP, BMI, and/or SESAC) is strictly prohibited.  These regulations also apply to any personal copies of music files purchased from

Purchased music is permitted to be transferred to a portable music player belonging to you or those who live in your household, may be played at small private gatherings and/or copied to a CD played for this purpose. The copy must under no circumstances be used in public performances.

Afinat Records does not permit the use of automatic systems or programs to either select or download music from our store.

Breach of these conditions or copyright law may lead to liability for damages and possible criminal liability.

Music files are downloaded to your computer immediately after the order is placed and upon completion of payment.

No Return on Digital Downloaded Products
Purchased music files are delivered immediately and therefore there is no right of return of return on this type of purchase.

The method of payment for purchasing music files is the same as for physical CD’s, by credit or debit card.  The amount of purchase is billed to your card as soon as the order is received. The Afinat Store will refund your account immediately on order processing if any product ordered is out of stock or on backorder until such time the item is available for sale, if applicable. Please note that there may be bank fees associated with your selected method of payment. The Afinat Store absorbs most customary transaction fees required by credit card merchant systems. 

You must provide a valid e-mail address when you place your order as the receipt for your purchase is mailed to this e-mail address.

Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice and Afinat Records cannot guarantee that the products shown are 100% available at the time of ordering. We do stock inventory but in the event of a rush sale, the inventory may not match up to the number of orders received at one time. Afinat is not responsible for printing errors in advertisements, changes to sales tax policies, shipping tariff changes or credit card or bank transaction fees that your account may require.  Afinat Records is not responsible for technical breakdown and/or lack of access to the webshop, electrical or telecommunication breakdown, vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking), misuse of personal data or other conditions and circumstances beyond our control.

Personal Information
When you make a purchase on our website you will be asked to provide some personal information. It is important that the information you provide in connection with your purchase is both correct and accurate. Personal information provided in this way is treated in accordance with US legislation.

We use personal information gathered from our customers only for relevant purposes in connection with the purchase of music files, excluding an Afinat A-List E-List newsletter distribution. We keep only the information necessary for completing your purchase, and your e-mail address, product data, etc. are stored for purposes of sales history and newsletter subscriptions.  All customer information and information on individual purchases are treated with the utmost confidentiality. You may “opt out” of newsletter subscription immediately upon either 1) notifying us at that you do not wish to receive our newsletter e-blasts or 2) opting out of the list upon receipt of any electronic communication from Afinat Records after your purchase.

We are committed to preventing any form of abuse of this information while continuing to provide the best possible service to our customers.

If you have any questions or comments about our use of personal information you are very welcome to contact us.

Afinat Records welcomes every customer warmly and extends our gratitude to all for your support!